Working with Groups
as Living Systems

MatrixWorks is a revolutionary group process that utilizes principles of New Science, Whole Systems Thinking, Hakomi Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Contemporary Psychology. It fosters leadership that supports the growth and development of healthy functioning teams and groups. It supports the transformative emergence of ‘Group Genius’ where relationships become collaborative, and mutuality and cooperation become new norms that promote wellbeing.


MatrixWorks provides a new model of leadership for women and men grounded in the ‘connective edge’… a feminine quality that men and women can develop, and that many women seem to naturally possess. In this sesies of workshops, we will gain a greater understanding of “relational intelligence” and practice using enhanced body awareness and somatic mindfulness to engage ourselves and each other in empowering exercises of connected leadership. Gain skills and confidence to Lead through Love and Connection with Hope and Unstoppability. Hover over each level to understand the difference between each intensive.

Level 1 will bring you into connection with your deeper self, your community, and your purpose. You will learn and embody the essential principles that establish psychological safety in a group and bring forth the authentic presence of each member. Understanding the scientific basis of  MatrixWorks, you become witness to the magic, collaborative, collective energy inherent in a healthy functioning group system. Secure attachment in a group becomes a lived experience.
Level 2 invites your curiosity, openness and brilliance to explore Leadership Models that are grounded in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. Using body based, experiential exercises, you gain competence in powerful awareness based tools that facilitate change in organizations and systems you care about: e.g. Health Care, Education, Business, Personal Transformation. You answer the call to ‘make a difference’ and begin to formulate a Project—a new intention to offer our gifts to the world.
Level 3 Offers the opportunity to experience the power of vulnerability through sharing your Project to the EFL community participants and staff. Held with love and respect, you receive support, acknowledgement, challenge and inspiration.. Through this extensive coaching, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns are reframed. Because resources and resistances are honored, the direct experience of wholeness and integration becomes available. You are more able to engage in the world with embodied, unconditional confidence.

Uplevel Your Capacity to Establish Psychological
Safety in Any Group

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“I have worked with Mukara for many years to bring the concepts of Matrixworks Leadership into the corporations I was working in. The concepts and practices she teaches bring a team's collaboration and quality of work to new heights. Her work is so effective that it was designed as part of an ongoing program that we created at Mattel Toys. This program was replicated by P&G and Mukara was senior lead faculty in this program until the closure of this program in 2018. Mukara's work sets the stage for all levels of an organization to bring their hearts and minds together to do great work.”

Ivy Ross
VP of Hardware Design, Google

MatrixWorks has been successfully applied by

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

— Howard Thurman

Meet the Founder

Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Trainer

MatrixWorks Creator, Teacher and Trainer

Boulder, CO

Mukara Meredith, with humor, often refers to herself as a 108 year old Tibetan Elf. Mukara’s life’s-work has been devoted to bringing human-friendly values into businesses and organizations to ensure meaningful work, marketplace fairness and organizational success. This purpose led to the founding of MatrixWorks in 1999

As President of MatrixWorks, Mukara is committed to creating new cultures of creativity, nourishment and innovation in workplace relationships by using the power of small groups.

MatrixWorks has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-functioning understanding to leaders, managers and their teams so that they and teams learn to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration and connectivity. MatrixWorks has also served in the fields of education, healthcare, and therapeutic modalities such as somatic experiencing, Hakomi, and cranial therapy.

MatrixWorks is currently taught in the USA, Brazil, China, Korea and Canada.

“It was one of the most transformative and healing journeys for me. She opened my mind and helped me to embody the practices of connecting to the bigger universal systems so I can be whole again as a human. Mukara has an amazing ability to bring out the best in living and being!”

Sook Yee, TAI
Former COO, OCTAVE Institute
“Mukara Meredith took us all on an unforgettable and profound journey to better understanding our “who” and “why” in the context of what it means to lead and embody enlightened feminine leadership. The group of women she attracts is an incredibly special community and, even over zoom, I feel very close and aligned with all of them. It was an honor and a delight to experience Mukara’s method and wisdom in action. She is a North Star for me and I am forever grateful. The lessons on mitochondria, and working with mitochondria to reach peak performance, were mind blowing too. I will be returning for more soon!”

Sarah Berner

Organizational Leadership with MatrixWorks

Does Your Organization Value the Cultivation of Soft Skills and Corporate Consciousness as Part of it's Business Model? If so this video is for you.

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MatrixWorks Corporate is a Living Systems Model that uses the science of connection and creativity to cultivate effective and empathetic work environments that: Ensure employee satisfaction and decrease staff turnover Support market-place success by unleashing the human potential of employees Inspire the development of 21st century leaders

MatrixWorks CORPORATE Clients include

International Clients

“We have integrated the MW principles into our innovative Media Education Programs in Brazil and have used the MW methodology to support our mobilization for environmental causes such as cleaning all the rivers in Brazil. With MW knowledge we have changed the way we work with diverse groups and are able to catalyze collective intelligence to serve our beautiful country. You will be glad to try it!”
Sylvana Gontijo
Executive Director and CEO of Planetapontocom, Brazil
“MatrixWorks provides a great foundation for teams to build a strong group dynamic and discover the collective intelligence at the team’s core. Of all the assets that corporations have, people are the most important. In this era when competitive advantage is predicated on the effectiveness of people and the teams within which they work, Matrixworks provides an important vehicle for teams to realize their connectedness and the potential of their collective intelligence. ”
Steve Damico
Retired Director, Corporate Design, Procter & Gamble
MatrixWorks is a new way to work with Group Dynamics that is fresh, effective and powerful. It will stimulate your creativity and will give you tools to make your teams successful.”
Claudia Kotchka
Retired Exec. VP Design, P&G

“A good leader is one, who by their presence, brings forth the BEST in others, and that BEST is maintained in the absence of the leader.”

Uplevel Your Capacity to Establish Psychological
Safety in Any Group You are a Part Of

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