Enlightened Feminine Leadership

One example of context is a class we teach called Enlightened Feminine Leadership. This class (and MatrixWorks in general) tends to attract more women than men, which sets up a different context or tone for the group development. Because women (and balanced men) tend to have a natural understanding of this work, we can weave together and give voice to some big themes that women naturally intuit. It seems important to give Feminine Leadership its own section because it is a large part of our focused work.


Weaving together some BIG THEMES: Enlightened, Sacred Feminine, Leadership, Embodiment… from the old story of separation and domination to the new story of possibilities of love and connection. Creating the context helps ground big ideas into present awareness, insight, and action. We begin to envision together what a new model of Leadership might entail. The following practice is a staple in our Enlightened Feminine Leadership offering.



Practice: Communicating with Mitochondria


We take responsibility by becoming more aware, and to increase awareness we have to continually resource ourselves. The deepest resource is to get in touch with wisdom in our bodies, one by getting in touch with mitochondria. Wisdom Traditions say the energy we inherit from our ‘Mother Lineage’ and pass on to our off-spring is in our physical body as the Mitochondria in every cell of our body. The Mitochondria produce the Energy of Life (ATP~150lbs of it each day) we need to live in every cell of our body. Mitochondria are 10% of our body weight. Lack of oxygen signals cells that it’s time to die, and lack of oxygen make the Mitochondria less efficient at turning glucose into the energy cells need to function. If there is a lack of energy, vitality, life force in our being, we can use our attention to connect with the original intention of the Mitochondria to support life. Burn-out of modern times. We can restore our own connection to the blue-print of perfection inside our cells. Here is an exercise you can try with your groups to get in touch with and restore mitochondria in the body.


  • “Empty Chair” : Begin to dialogue with your Mitochondria. Inquire how they are and if they have a message for you.
  • Work in groups of 3: Three Roles: Experiencer, Guide and Supporter
  • Experiencer sits or stands with Supporter behind and Guide in front. Guide invites Experiencer to focus on her Mitochondria, moving from feet up to head and back down again. Allow several minutes for this to deepen. Do several rounds of the Torus energy flow.
  • Guide asks the Experiencer: “If your Mitochondria could speak to you, what would they say?” Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Supporter writes down what experiencer says and reads back to Experiencer at end of the session.
  • Shift roles: Each person has a turn at all 3 roles. End with whole group sharing about the impact of the experience. Opportunities and Challenges to your expressing Enlightened Feminine Leadership in your life.


This is a preview excerpt from Mukara’s upcoming book, MatrixWorks: A Life Affirming Guide to Facilitation Mastery.

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