Simply put, Tracking is Paying Attention to verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication.


In the group, we hold the intention to be receptive and responsive to what each person is experiencing in the moment. This requires a capacity to let information come to you rather than you go out to get it. At first, we may only have hunches, guesses about what is happening inside another. However, with practice, we start to perceive more directly and learn how to check this out with the other. The information we receive is often telling us in large or small ways that the individual(s) feel seen, heard, received, safe or not; and how this matches or challenges their internal beliefs about themselves, other people, groups and the world. It is as if the ‘mind of the body’ speaks a special language we can learn if we attend to the non-verbal aspects of communication. Notice what you can notice about the following:


Tracking Relationships


Who sits by whom?


Who talks after whom?


Who talks a lot?


Who talks a little?


Who talks through using non-verbal language?


Who is paired with whom?


Who are the members of the natural Triads?


Who leads with feelings?


Who needs food for the left brain to feel safe?


Who needs to be invited “in”?


Who is sensitive to power dynamics?


Who is the oldest/youngest?


Who has the most/least confidence?


Who are you drawn to?


Who are you not drawn to?


Who do you ignore?


Who do you imagine is drawn/not drawn/ignores you? Who do you see as a “natural leader’”? Why?


Who do you trust?


Who do you envy?


Who do you feel more skilled than?


Who has access to their deep inner experience?


Who comes alive in connection?


Who orients to invisible dynamics in the Field? Who focuses on Task?


Who focuses on Relationship and Nourishment? Who is longing to be met with strength?


Who is defended against Intimacy?


Who is your peer?


Who understands that you are human?


Who touches your soul?


Who has a ‘hungry spirit to do good?


How might you see yourself using these questions when working with a group?


 This is a preview excerpt from Mukara’s upcoming book, MatrixWorks: A Life Affirming Guide to Facilitation Mastery.

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