I find myself reflecting on the 4 Principles of Living Systems as a trustworthy guide to living a meaningful life: I offer these musings and invite your responses.

4 Principles of Living Systems:

1) Understand the parts and pieces of our lives: Are they resonant? Is there enough diversity? Is there depth and breadth? Are they of my choosing? Or are they from the past? And most importantly…

2) Do the parts leap into a coherent Whole that is greater than the sum of the parts? Does the Larger emerge into the center of the mandala so that everything finds its right place and allows genuine meaning to un-conceal itself in a state of … ?

3) Dynamic relationships that continually self-organize and self-create: which means the creative principle of the universe is moving things and people into and out of our lives as part of a divine design. This design can be felt, if not seen. Welcomed or resisted, we come to know ‘relationship is all there is’ and we give the value of relationship first place in line.

4) Finally, we acknowledge that the only answer big enough to meet the question of “WHY?” is the fact of the choice to SERVE LIFE. Not serve as in Subject/Object/Action, but serving life by being life. Fearlessly BEING life.

As the poet, Dylan Thomas says, “(being) the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.” Nothing is more satisfying than being driven by this force in community with others with whom ‘the green fuse drives the flower.’ I will meet you there.

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