She is one who…


  1. Has the strength to ask for help
  2. Sees herself and others, not as machines, but as Living Organisms (Living Systems)
  3. Can improvise brilliantly: takes risks and enjoys ‘working live’ with situations.
  4. Creates cultures of connection, compassion, and care.
  5. Uses intuition and empathy to make decisions and choices.
  6. Attends to personal needs, grows her own gifts and talents.
  7. Values emotion, presence, passion, pleasure (play).
  8. Has clear core values and serves a noble purpose.
  9. Employs humor, laughs at herself and learns from mistakes.
  10. “Is always evolving: being something and becoming something new”.

We invite you to read each of these capacities several times in a mindful state of consciousness. Then when you are ready, rate them in terms of importance and embodiment for yourself. In other words, in your own personal leadership context, which of these would be #1 in importance to you and which would be the least important, i.e. #10?


If you want to take the exercise one step further, share the list with a friend you trust, including your assessment of the most and least important quality to you. Ask them for feedback: do they agree with your self-assessment or do they have a different perception of you.


This willingness to ask for feedback is one of the many magic tools the Enlightened Feminine Leader has cultivated.

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